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Do you already know when you are moving?

Wrapping the Couch

When in doubt,

you can always

count on a

3-Man Crew

All of the professional moving companies agree that adding a 3rd mover

dramatically increases moving efficiency.

While most moving companies only provide a 2-man crew for apartment moves,

Super Dave Moving

cuts your move time significantly

by providing a 3rd man

Knowledge Is POWER

"We pride ourselves on transparency,

so please take the time to learn about what to takes to benefit from

all of our services." 

"As long as both parties fully communicate during the process from the beginning to the end, moving into your new dream apartment becomes the

easiest transition."


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Users that are interested in learning more about Apartment-America and its services must acknowledge free access to information provide and outlined on the following pages:

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Rebate Terms & Conditions

How to Qualify

Privacy Policy

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