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Apartment Moving Tips


  • Request your move ASAP. Procrastination is your worst enemy. 

  • Weekends and the beginning/end of the month move dates get taken quickly 

  • The peak season for moving ranges from April to the end of August

  • Your moving coordinator will try his/her best to schedule your requested "ideal" move date, but it is never a guarantee, therefore, submit your online move request ASAP

  • Movers like to start early in the morning  

  • Moves, even if it is your own move again, are never the same, so DO NOT expect the same move time that you previously experienced. Have real expectations.

  • Read our Moving Terms & Conditions/Disclaimers 

Apartment Communities

  • You must inform new & old apartment communities about your move

  • Ask your both apartment communities about any specific requirements they may or might not have 

  • If there are requirements, you must immediately inform your moving coordinator 

  • You must sign your lease and pick up the keys to your new apartment

  • You must understand and inform your moving coordinator of any special circumstances that may apply for both apartment communities such as elevator/stairs, moving reservations, and etc. 

Apartment Building
Moving House

Preparing For The Move

  • Get Packing and refer to our Packing Requirements in order to have a stress-free move

  • Collect Moving Boxes

  • As you pack, declutter and donate

  • Use sheets, towels and rags as useful packing protection

  • Know the size of your new space. Make sure that your furniture actually fits in your place. If you believe some furniture may not fit, speak to your moving coordinator about your options (donation, selling, consignment, etc.)

  • Review Truck Restriction List

Moving Day

  • To avoid being charged for a wait time, make sure that your lease is signed and that you have the keys.

  • Make sure that you are near your phone as the moving crew leader will contact you in advance to make sure that you are awake and ready to go. 

  • The crew leader will reconfirm details such as the codes and parking spots.

  • In many cases, clients are unable to be present for the move. If this is your case, you must inform us of this circumstance in advance in order for the moving coordinator to make the best game plan for you.

  • Read the Moving Etiquette Sheet 

Movers Working
Wrapping the Couch

When in doubt,

you can always

count on a

3-Man Crew

All of the professional moving companies agree that adding a 3rd mover

dramatically increases moving efficiency.

While most moving companies only provide a 2-man crew for apartment moves,

Super Dave Moving

cuts your move time significantly

by providing a 3rd man

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