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Packing Requirements

  • Procrastination is your worst enemy, especially when it comes to packing, so pack in advance.

  • If you need help, speak to your moving coordinator about packing services or packing materials

  • When in doubt, smaller boxes are always best

  • The movers are not liable for any items that were packed by the clients as packing is not part of their job description except to properly handle boxed items. 

  • All furniture and drawers must be completely emptied.

  • All items must be properly packed in taped boxes or plastic totes. 

  • Items that are thrown into bags, trash bags or luggage will not be handled by the movers.

  • Movers will not pack items on the day of the move. 

  • We will not move any articles of clothing that are not properly boxed.

  • We will not move loose articles of clothing. 

  • Keep valuable and delicate items with you 

  • Secure loose items in boxes with bubble-wrap, newspapers, packing paper, towels, sheets, and etc. If you can shake the box and hear rattling, then you must stuff more packing materials in there. If you hear rattling but do not fix it, your items are at high risk to break or be damaged. Again, movers do not pack and are not liable for your belongings if they break inside the box.

  • Use wardrobe boxes to pack clothing or use boxes.

  • Keep the boxes less than or equal to 50 pounds 

  • Label your boxes. Movers do not like to lift up boxes more times than necessary.

  • It is helpful to color coordinate where boxes are going.

  • Count your boxes and report the number to your moving coordinator in advance. 

  • Save time by disassembling furniture in advance, but you must keep all parts in a plastic bag with the proper label. We suggest that you have that bag taped to those pieces, so have everything taped together. 

  • Save time by removing any mirrors from furniture 

  • DO NOT pack anything flammable or combustible in nature. Refer to our Do NoT Pack List

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