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Rebate Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions

apply to Apartment-America`s rebate offer.

  • Apartment-America`s rebate offer is subject to all qualifications and conditions outlined on our Rebate Terms & Conditions, Qualify, and Privacy Policy page. 

  • Rebates will only be sent after your apartment community has paid Apartment-America`s referral invoice.

  • Note that apartment communities may take a good length of time to send our commission that is then shared with you in the form of either a rebate or FREE move.  Rebates are typically mailed within 8 to 16 weeks after you move in. It can take longer depending on your property's invoice processing time. Besides the unknown length of time it will take, we do guarantee you that you will receive your rebate as long as you do not move out during that time frame.

  • All rebate customers must complete our Online Apartment-America Request form and properly communicate to their assigned Apartment-America locating agent in order to qualify.

  • Rebate requests must be submitted within 60 days of lease start date.

  • Rebates will be paid via check and mailed to the mailing address you provide in our Online Apartment-America Request Form process. Such details will be made clear by your assigned agent at the beginning of the process.

  • Apartment-America will ensure rebate checks are mailed to the address you provide. In the event a rebate check is lost or stolen you may request a replacement check by contacting our Rebate Department or assigned Apartment-America locating agent. Replacement rebate checks are subject to a $25 stop payment fee. Please call if you do not understand this terminology or directly speak to your assigned agent. 

  • Apartment-America will cancel all rebate checks that are not cashed or deposited within 60 days of check date.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.



When the User engages with Apartment-America and uses its services, the User agrees to all terms, conditions, disclaimers, guidelines, and procedures that Apartment-America outlines on this Site. 

Users that are interested in learning more about Apartment-America and its services must acknowledge free access to information provide and outlined on the following pages:

Move Terms & Conditions

Rebate Terms & Conditions

How to Qualify

Privacy Policy

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