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Move Disclaimers & Limitations

When you accurately acknowledge that you used Apartment America`s locating services to find your new dream apartment, you have the choice to either claim a rebate or a FREE move. 

If you decide that a move credit is actually not the best option for your transition, 

simply ask one of our associates to change your FREE move claim to a rebate claim. 

Such changes must be reported to your appointed moving coordinator in advance. 

Move Disclaimers
  • If a customer's lease falls below our minimum commission requirements, which will be evaluated by the agent, we reserve the right to offer a reduced rebate or move credit. It is a rare circumstance, but all customers are consulted during the entire process if they choose to utilize Apartment-America`s locating service from the start of their transition.

  • Apartment-America and Super Dave Moving company reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Even when a client meets the qualifications necessary to claim the Free Move service,  an evaluation made by the assigned move coordinator could reveal that said service is not beneficial for both parties. We reserve the right to refuse this move service, but the customer will automatically be compensated with a rebate offer instead of our free move offer.

  • Apartment-America  and/or its agents, and Super Dave Moving consisting of the crew members, will not be held liable for damages caused to unboxed items and/or items that are not properly packed. It is the responsibility of the customer to be ready for the movers for move day. Please recall our Moving Checklist. 

  • If inclement weather, truck break downs, or unforeseen circumstances enables the movers to properly and safely conduct the moving service, the Super Dave Moving company reserves the right to reschedule moves to the next available time slot due. This requires for both parties to appropriately communicate.  

  • Apartment-America and/or its agents, and Super Dave Moving and/or its moving crew members will not be responsible for damages caused to furniture made with or of particleboard. The same applies for furniture that is not appropriately emptied before the move. 

  • Apartment-America and/or its agents, and Super Dave Moving and/or its moving crew members waive responsibility for damages to any item they believe cannot be moved safely.

  • Customer must sign moving company's proposal and/or moving services contract before the move begins.

  • Customer acknowledges that Apartment-America will hire Super Dave Moving company to perform the moving services for customer.

  • Customer acknowledges that Apartment-America is not a moving company and is not required to carry insurance as proscribed by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and/or the Unites State Department of Transportation.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Wrapping the Couch


  • Unlike other moving companies that only send out a 2-man crew for apartment moves, Super Dave Moving sends out a 3-man crew to perform the service in order to increase efficiency and quality of the service. It is the responsibility of the customer to have everything ready as described in the moving checklist , packing requirementsmoving tips , and truck restriction list

  • Items must be limited to what three people can carry safely. 

  • All furniture and drawers must be completely emptied. 

  • All items must be properly packed in taped boxes or plastic totes. 

  • Items that are thrown into bags, trash bags or luggage will not be handled by the movers. 

  • If the customer is interested in requesting a packing service, packing services are also provided by the Super Dave Moving company. The customer can simply contact their assigned Move Coordinator to schedule a packing service in order to be ready for the day of the move. Packing services range from partial packing to full packing services. The move coordinator will provide the best option customized to your move and wallet. 

  • Movers will NOT pack items on the day of the move. 

  • We will not move any articles of clothing that are not properly boxed.

  • We will not move loose articles of clothing.

  • All items should be disconnected and ready to move on move day. Example services include water lines, electrical disassembly, and etc. If the movers must perform these services, additional charges will be added for such a performance. You must accurately communicate to your move coordinator about such concerns in advance. Such services that are needed at the last minute, meaning on Move Day, are subject to a last-minute fee. Again, the Free Move claim provides only a moving service by professional movers. If services as described above are necessary, either stated in advance or at the last-minute, the customer acknowledges that they are waving the moving company, Super Dave Moving and their super crews, of any and all liability. 

  • On the day of your move, any wait time is undeniably included. For example, waiting for you to sign your lease, get your keys, or arrive at the pick up or drop off location is part of that move time. Please complete the lease signing process prior to the arrival of your movers. It is the responsibility of the customer to be ready for move day. Please recall our moving checklist.

  • Movers may refuse to move any item(s) that require going over balconies or through windows. Movers will not move items by utilizing space through balconies, windows, etc. 

  • Specialty moving items that are described in the moving checklist will not be moved by the movers. It is the responsibility of the customer to understand what specialty items they have that require the correct personnel to carefully move said speciality items. Speciality items will be described to you by your move coordinator.

  • Movers will not move any weapons. This includes guns and/or gun safes. For the safety of the crew and truck, please refer to our moving checklist. 

  • Movers will not move items of extraordinary value. This includes cash, jewelry, personal safes, etc. It is advised that you use your own vehicle to move your precious belongings.

  • If either your pick up or drop off location is outside of our extended service area a trip charge may apply. This information will be communicated to you by your assigned Move Coordinator. In some cases, you may benefit from a labor-only move which will be evaluated by your move coordinator as it might be your best option.

  • If you have extra items and/or special handling requirements that are not on this list, please call (469) 396-5866 for pricing.

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