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When you work with an Apartment-America locating agent, you will be guided 
step by step throughout the process making it seem like a breeze. 

Though your agent will explain everything to you in simple terms, 
you can take your time to understand the qualification guidelines. 

If you have questions, please call at 214-544-7676

Qualification Guidelines

  • We will only schedule moves to apartment communities that you have registered, leased, and put "Apartment-America" as your only Apartment Locator. 

  • You must list "Apartment-America" on the Guest Card, Application and Lease. 

  • You must use a property listed in the Apartment-America database. 

  • Your rental rate will be based on the effective average rent which includes any specials or deals that are attributed into that calculation. 

  • In rare cases, a participating community's referral fee may fall below our minimum requirement. In such an event, Apartment-America reserves the right to offer a reduced rebate or a reduced free move offer. What must also be understood is that referral fees for individual properties can change without notice.

  • Apartment-America locating agents expect to work with you from the beginning when you search for your new dream apartment. Therefore, you must not have learned of the apartment community before registering with Apartment-America.

  • You must lease at a community referred to you by one of our licensed agents.

  • In some cases, apartment communities require client pre-registration. Therefore, prior to visiting apartment communities, you must notify your agent as they are capable of fulfilling client pre-registration requirements. 

  • You must not be moving from a sister property. Such information will be detailed to you be your agent in the case it is not clear. 

  • You must have never before lived in the community where you lease.

  • Transfers must not be on-site, meaning from within the same property. 

  • Transfers will not occur between sister properties. Talk to your agent if you are not sure about this terminology.

  • To be eligible for the rebate or Free Move offers, you must sign at least a 6-month lease. For leases that are shorter than six months, they may still be eligible for rebate or moving credit offer but that may be reduced at Apartment-America`s discretion.

  • You must not break your lease.

  • All free move and/or rebate offers are contingent on referral fees paid to Apartment-America by participating communities. To qualify, your apartment community must consent to you using Apartment-America as your apartment locator.

  • All Rebate requests must be submitted via our Online Apartment-America Request Form process within 60 days of your lease start date.

  • All Move requests must be submitted via our Online Apartment-America Request Form process within 60 days of your lease start date.

  • Apartment-America only allows one (1) move or rebate offer per apartment.

  • Apartment-America has the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Showing a Property
Buying an apartment

What happens 
when an apartment property decides 
NOT to pay our referral commission?

In rare cases, an apartment community may decide not to pay our referral commission. In response, this act constitutes a retraction of our rebate/Free Move offer. 

When a property decides not to pay our referral commission, it can be due to a number of reasons such as the tenant breaking their lease, not paying their rent, being evicted and more. If you have any more questions about these circumstances, 

please call at 214-544-7676. 

If for any reason a property decides not to pay our referral commission for any reason, Apartment-America reserves the right to charge the client for the cost of the move at a rate that is predetermined by your agent in advance for such rare circumstances. That rate will be approved by both parties in advance as an understanding that it is a rare circumstance that an apartment complex does not pay the referral fee.

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