What Makes us Different? 

There is no doubt that our industry is 

filled with endless competition,

but by maintaining our focus on customer needs,

we continue to exceed expectations 

Learn today WHY we are your #1 choice

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Why should

you hire 


for your next

new beginning? 





*It Becomes an Unwanted 2nd Job

*It Takes Too Long. 

"Your Time is Your Money"

*Unreliable Information 


*Follow-up Calls Are Necessary and

Easy to Forget About

*Constant Distractions

*Increased Stress & Anxiety

*Feelings of Defeat "It never ends"

*Increased Procrastination 

*Time Management 

*Inadequate Help

"I thought my boyfriend would help me choose" 

*Convenient & Efficient

*Expert Home Match Makers

*Experience Makes a Huge Difference

*Endless Options are Smoothly Narrowed Down

*Access to Great DEALS

*Experts About The Area of Interest

*Take The Hassle Out of Scheduling

*Updated Knowledge of the Current Rental Market

"Knowledge is Power"

* "Human Apartment Encyclopedia"

*Access to the Best, Newest, & Most Exclusive Listings

*100% FREE

(No Hidden Fees, No Percentages,

No Tricks or Gimmicks)

*Set Your Own Parameters 

*Instantly Compare Listings Side by Side 

*Get Moving Assistance Coupons & Rebates

Wrapping the Couch

When in doubt,

you can always

count on a

3-Man Crew

All of the professional moving companies agree that adding a 3rd mover

dramatically increases moving efficiency.

While most moving companies only provide a 2-man crew for apartment moves,

Super Dave Moving

cuts your move time significantly

by providing a 3rd man